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Do you know how to turn your shop into your customers favourite place?

We do! Our complete and personalized loyalty card system makes it possible for you to get to know your customers and to make them feel that they are important for you. You can congratulate them or you can send them personalized offers.


Our system is online so your customers can check their purchase history and loyalty points on a platform realized according to your image. They can get personalized messages from you (automatically!) via e-mail or even via SMS. And as far as you are regarded, you can get reports with graphs and many functions that help you make better business decisions. All these are possible via a logically structured and well arranged user interface.


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How could one of the best databases in the world be?

We can show it to you, moreover, you can even use it! Yes, we are talking about one of the most visited social media sites in Romania: Facebook. Sometimes even we are amazed by its possibilities!


Let’s take a look at some of them! 10 millions of accessible users only in Romania who spend an average of 3 hours on Facebook every day! Via Facebook you can reach any target groups: your target audience can be segmented according to hundreds of criteria: age, sex, address, domains of interests, consumer habits etc. It is the arsenal of many continuously developing ads. You can keep in touch with your customers every day. Dou you have a better idea?


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Would you like to inform your customers in a tangible way?

You are right! Most people find offline solutions out-of-date, but there are still many who appreciate this usual and good method of communication. In this digital world printed materials represent a real classic value!


Do you need flyers, catalogues or posters? We can make them in any size, thickness, on one page or on more pages, folded, stuck, spiralled. We can find the solution!


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Do you promote your products without any results?

Are there more possibilities? Have you chosen the right platform for your ad? Are you a creative person who likes silence and cannot really find your bearings in the noisy world of advertisements? Are you angry because you always do your best but your rivalries still obtain better results?


If you have doubts, you have managed to realize the most important thing: advertisements represent a separate job! We are sure that you are better in what you do than we are – our special field is marketing and promotion and we like it very much. We help you find the problems.


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Would you promote tires for those who always go by bike?

No, you wouldn’t! Client databases are the basis of efficient marketing. Without this database your messages get not only to your target groups, but also to other people. Why would you pay more when you can pay less?


A well realized database is as if you personally knew all your customers. Due to this database you can always get your message to the right customer – in the right way and time.


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Dou you know any tools or methods that guarantee that you can reach 100% of your customers?

We do! SMS – having a view rate of almost 100% – is nowadays the most effective direct marketing tool. But why is it so efficient?


Because via SMS you can reach almost anybody, immediately! You can be sure that your messages will be viewed. You can personally address your customers and you can reach many of them. You can check the efficiency of the messages and you can keep a record of your reached target group.


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Do you think that flyers cost too much?

Newsletters represent the best option!


Why? In order to understand the power of a newsletter we have to compare it to its older brother, the flyer.


Newsletters are based on online technology so they can offer some possibilities flyers cannot. You have to get your ads only to those who are really interested in them. There is no printing, distribution and hundreds of remained copies, so your campaign costs less. The ad gets to your customers in only a few seconds – even to those who are on holiday or who are sitting in their cars. You can see how many people have read the ad and who were they. You can also see when and which ad was the most popular.


How is this possible? Ask us and we will inform you!


Have you ever received a letter via the post office with an addressed envelope?

If yes, then you already know what we are talking about. Direct marketing letter sent via the post is a very useful solution when because of some reasons you cannot reach your customers using online tools and methods.


These customers can be for example old people or can belong to those layers of the society who cannot easily use computers or smart phones. Or you hope for a little bit more attention in the case when you use unusual methods of communication.


Direct marketing letters seem to be the best solution in many cases, due to them you can directly reach your customers – you can even call them by their names.


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What kind of online services are your customers expecting from you?

The needs of customers, thier experience and functionality that raises their level of comfort are following the same patterns over and over again:
First it’s interesting, then they demand it and ultimately the lack of these services are frustrating to your customers. In the past 50 years we could observe this behavior with the telephone, then in the last 20 years with mobile services and now the same behavior pattern is reoccuring related to online services and web sites.


Today it is not enough to simply have a website on the internet, it needs to serve the visitor’s interest and expectations well, because the user tends to choose from the large pool of available services and will use only the ones that fulfill their expectations as best as it can.
Because there is no personal connection the user will use the website’s quality and match it to the quality of services you provide. To sum it up, if the site is not built based on the visitor and users’s point of view, and lacks good user experience you will probably lose customers.


Our process to build web sites and online services always puts the visitor/user in the spotlight, and we take all the feedback we gather and create the best user experiences for your business that will fulfill all the important expectations of your customers.


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How do your customers view your business?

There is a common belief that your site needs to be “beautiful”, we consider this to be only partly true. Your site has to have a functionality that brings trust, helps customers get through the funnels you need and to make your communication work. A site that is functional and works is more beautiful than just a beautiful site that is unusable.


Your visitors unconsciously generate feelings and opinions from the first few seconds looking at your website. When your presence meets functionality, you are the one in charge of what your visitors feel and how they interact with your products and services.


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Do you want to reach the right audience at the right time?

Google Ads (AdWords) is the most well-known search engine’s online advertising system, reaching over 90% of internet users.


With Google Ads, your business will be found exactly by the right internet users, who are looking for the things you advertise.


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